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Experience Summer in Michigan's Paradise

To the south is the National Hiawatha Forest, lying to the west is the wilderness river, Tahquamenon, in the east is Whitefish Bay and to the north is the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Superior. The Anishinaabe, the first people to settle in the region, harvested the Whitefish and picked the wild blueberries. The earliest voyageurs traversed Lake Superior's shoreline and established posts for the European fur trade to flourish. Lumberjacks built boom towns to take advantage of the demand resulting from the fire that ravaged early Chicago. Natural resources in this region are abundant even today, it is there for your exploration and escape from the modern day demands employment, technology, and time management.

The average July and August daily temperatures in Paradise Michigan is 75, the region is flush with forrests, rivers, lakes, and of course, Superior. In the early 1930's developer Ed LeDuc was overcome by the bounty of trees, berries, animals, and waters filled with fish. The same bounty that brought the earliest settlers, Anishinaabe. Locally reknown historian, Jan McAdams Huttenstine in her book Remotely Yours credits Ed LeDuc for labeling the community, Paradise. But you must see for yourself the beauty that lies here for you to explore. We invite you, Come to Paradise.

Michiganís Paradise Photo Contest

Sunrise Opportunities Turn one of your favorite Paradise photos into a chance to win a $100 gift card! The Paradise Area Tourism Council is calling for photo contest entries from residents and visitors to Michiganís Paradise. Find out how to send in your photo and contest details at Experience Michiganís Paradise Photo Contest.