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Experience Each Season in Michigan's Paradise


Experience Spring in Paradise

Compliments Whitefish Point Bird Observatory Paradise Michigan is considered by many a relatively remote location. Nestled just north of the Tahquamenon Rivermouth, Paradise historically has been an ideal location for people to visit. Even in the days when loggers worked the forests and workers picked the cranberries and wild blueberries to be shipped to other areas of the country these people often set up camps right in the vicinity of the current community, Paradise. Even in the 1930’s, small businesses that offered amenities (fresh whitefish in restaurants, boat rides, motels, cabins) to travelers and workers alike recognized the inherent beauty of the area.

Tahquamenon Falls is without a doubt the most spectacular attraction in March and April. As the snow melts, the sheer volume of water that cascades over the falls is overwhelming! The noise can be deafening! Camp 33’s Brewery and Pub is closed in April to prepare for the coming season but don’t hesitate to take the short hike back to the falls. You will be amazed and thrilled by the grandeur and beauty.

Bird Watching kicks off the season as bird migrations in the Whitefish Point area is a unique phenomenon on the continent. The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory begins its bird counts March 15. But it greets many birders year after year in their annual Spring Fling, the fourth weekend in April as members come from far a wide for the opportunity to spy that one species that has eluded them. Armed with cameras, scopes, tri-pods, and notepads, these bird enthusiasts will track and document their special finds. Your birding experience is only enhanced in this special environment.

Michigan Rock Hounding As the snow and ice melts, a new assortment of rocks appear for the avid Rock enthusiast. Some of the most dedicated spend some time checking for that stone that most calls to them to add to their collections. Check with your motel/hotel proprietor for ice conditions on the shoreline for rock hounding opportunities.

Cross Country Skiing continues as long as there is snow and in the Paradise area, the snow can last through April. For some, continuing to ski our Paradise Pathways in the warmer weather and watching the woods slowly awaken to the sounds of Spring is invigorating. If there is sufficient snow, you may even find yourself in snow shoes.

Quiet, may be your ultimate experience. There are no cars honking, traffic lights ticking, engines running. Sleep in, read a book, write a book, connect with a family member, connect with your Maker. Take quiet walks in the park. There is no place quite like Paradise in Spring. "Paradise Area Tourism Council Newsletter, April 11, 2015"


Experience Summer in Paradise

Summer Recreation in Paradise, Michigan includes the hymns of songbirds in an ancient hemlock forest, the cool breeze off Lake Superior touching your face, and the tranquility that comes from the active enjoyment of a beautiful wilderness. Woodland trails welcome hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Lake Superior and the flowing waters of the Two Hearted and Tahquamenon River greet paddlers and fisherman. Paradise, Michigan invites you to enjoy the best of their summer recreational opportunities!

Hiking Trails

HikingGo hiking in Michigan right here in Paradise! What better way to experience the natural beauty of the Paradise region than to travel its numerous Upper Michigan Hiking trails. Pack a snack, water bottle, bug spray, and map and head for the trails! With routes of various difficulties featured throughout Tahquamenon Falls State Park and Hiawatha National Forest, your stay in Paradise has many UP hiking trails waiting for you to discover!

North Country National Scenic Trail

The North Country Trail stretches 4,600 miles across seven states from New York to North Dakota, making it America's longest Scenic Trail. The trail winds its way through the Upper Peninsula and passes south of Paradise along the Tahquamenon River before heading north to the Lake Superior shoreline, highlighting some scenic locations to go hiking in Michigan. Visitors traveling from Paradise interested in UP hiking will find the North Country Trail accessible from the Rivermouth campground and the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Leashed dogs are welcome on these State Park hiking trails!

Visit Michigan DNR or call 906 492-3415 for trail maps and additional information.

Hiawatha National Forest Trail


Biking Hundreds of miles of trails and rural roadways offer scenic riding experiences through the Upper Peninsula for families, groups, and individual bikers. Hit the trails of the Paradise region today!


Paddling Paddling opportunities wait for you along the shores of Lake Superior and the banks of the Two Hearted and Tahquamenon rivers. So pack up, head out, and enjoy the view from the water on your Paradise paddling adventure!


Whitefish Point Underwater Preserve The waters surrounding Whitefish Point are dotted with numerous historic shipwreck sites, many of them moored for preservation and open to recreational diving.

Peak diving times are in July and August. Launches are available at Whitefish Point, Little Lake Harbor, Tahquamenon Bay, Brimley State Park, and Bay Mills.

Diving tanks may be filled at Curley's Paradise Motel!

Remember, removing artifacts from these shipwreck sites is illegal. Sites must remain undisturbed by divers. Always exercise extreme caution and watch for other boaters. The depths of dive sites may vary considerably. Please make certain that your equipment and diving abilities are appropriate for any dives you are considering. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own diving gear. Equipment rentals are not available in the Paradise area.

Additional information on diving in the area can be found at


Fishing in Paradise Looking for a relaxing fishing experience in a rich natural environment? These Paradise fishing hotspots have you covered!

Experience Autumn Colors in Paradise

Tahquamenon Hiking in Autumn Image by Rachelle Drayton, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Midwest Living identified this region as one of the top 30 areas in the Midwest to see Fall Color. Paradise is a central staging area for a number of popular color routes in the eastern upper peninsula. Whether you drive one of these routes by car, hike the North Country National Scenic Trails, or explore the many multiple use trails with ATVs, you will not be disappointed as you experience the color palette in the Paradise area. The Weather Channel offers periodic updates of fall foliage progress at this link for Fall Foliage Reports.

Popular Color Routes

  • Mighty Mac Bridge to Paradise Travel north on I-75 across the Mackinac Bridge. Take Exit 352 for M123 N toward Newberry. Stay on M123 N to Paradise Michigan. Approx. 70 miles.
  • Curley Lewis Scenic Highway From Paradise, travel south on M-123, take the Curly Lewis Scenic Highway #221 to Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Bay Mills, Brimley and Sault St. Marie. Approx. 55 miles.
  • Whitefish Point Lighthouse From Paradise, take M-123 north, to the blinking light, do not turn, but continue north on Whitefish Point Road to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, capture brilliant colors in your photographs with the Whitefish Point Lighthouse in the background. Approx. 9 miles.
  • Paradise to Grand Marais From Paradise go West of M123 to Newberry, then west on 28 to Seney National Wildlife Refuge, then North on 77 to Grand Marais. Approx. 88 miles.
  • Grand Marais to Paradise An alternate route is H58 from Grand Marais east toward Paradise. It is a rough rural road but if you are equipped with 4 wheel drive and you don't mind a bit of dirt, it has spectacular trees and you will drive slow. Don't count on your GPS in some of these remote areas. Approx. 88 miles.
  • Tahquamenon Scenic Heritage Byway M123 North of M28 to Paradise, then west past Tahquamenon State Park to Newberry, ends on M-28. Travel M-28 east to complete the circle. Approx 56 miles.
  • Paradise to Crisp Point Light House From Paradise take M-123 West toward Tahquamenon Upper Falls. Past the falls take Country Road 500 North, follow the signs. This route works best in dry weather and 4-wheel drive vehicles. Approx. 38 Miles
  • Paradise to Munising From Paradise, take M-123 West to Newberry, take M28 west to Munesing. Approx. 110 miles
  • Paradise to Point Iroquois Light House From Paradise, travel south on M-123, take the Curly Lewis Scenic Highway #221 to Point Iroquois Light House. Approx. 38 miles
  • North Country National Trail

Experience Winter in Paradise

TRAIL REPORTS: Michigan Interactive | Paradise Area Night Riders | UP Snowmobiling

With over 200 inches of snow falling annually, Paradise, Michigan is a winter recreation wonderland. A seemingly endless array of snowmobile, ski, and snowshoe trails beckon you to embark on a new adventure each day. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in to the heart of the Paradise winter today!


Snowshoeing With numerous certified trails and hundreds of miles of additional accessible land, there's always a fresh snowshoeing adventure to be had here in Paradise!


SnowmobilingWith over 6,200 miles of designated trails, Michigan is regarded as one of the premier snowmobiling states in the country. Paradise rests at the heart of the extensive UP trail network and is the snowmobile capital of the Upper Peninsula. 200 miles of well-marked and groomed trails available in the immediate region attract thousands of riders from across the country to Paradise each year. Why not join them? Start planning your Michigan snowmobiling adventure in Paradise today!

Trails run north from Paradise toward Whitefish Point, Newberry, St. Ignace, Grand Marais and just about everywhere in between. A popular Michigan snowmobiling route along trail 45 leads riders directly to the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls, frozen in breathtaking ice sculptures by the Upper Peninsula winter.

Each February, the Paradise Area Night Riders sponsor the annual Mardi Gras De Snow event. This is a family friendly event working to promote snowmobiling in Paradise. This year's event includes multiple Fun Runs, Radar Runs, a slalom race, buffet, and much more!

For Paradise, Michigan snowmobile trail maps, news on this year's snowmobiling events, and additional information on Michigan snowmobiling, visit

Interested in exploring the trails but don't have your own sled? These Paradise Michigan snowmobile rental outlets have you covered. Visit their webpages below or give them a call to reserve your ride today!

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