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Experience Michigan's Paradise

Paradise is a small community in population but itís huge in the areas of adventure, intrigue and things to do. Here, all four seasons offer you a chance to explore and experience the outdoors in a new way. The area is beautiful and stretches from the shores of Lake Superior to the snakelike bends of the Two Hearted River. During the spring and summer visitors can enjoy paddling, hiking, taking a train, and river trolley along the Two Hearted River. They can also visit the popular Crisp Point Lighthouse.

During the fall many enjoy the changing colors in the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. More things to do include viewing the great number of birds migrating from the area at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory. When the chill of winter seizes the region, our outdoors activities donít slow down. When the snow is on the ground, we take to the trails by enjoying snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.

Along with all the wonderful nature based things to do, there is a wonderful community that embraces everyone who comes to experience Michiganís Paradise. From wonderful local attractions and events to the numerous dining and lodging choices, one will never be without options when visiting Paradise, Michigan.


Whether you're looking for a delicious breakfast to kick-start your morning or a hearty dinner to re-energize after a busy day, these Paradise restaurants are happy to serve you! Stop in today and experience a taste of Paradise Dining!

Berry Patch Restaurant

8234 N M 123
Paradise, Michigan
(906) 492-3330

In store bakery with breads, cookies, muffins, pies, and rolls. Breakfast anytime. Homemade soups, pasties, burgers, chili & subs. Air-conditioned.

Brown's Fish House

32638 N M 123
Paradise, MI
(906) 492-3901

Fresh Whitefish from Whitefish Bay served with French Fries, cole slaw and roll. Smoked Whitefish is available as well.

The INN Gastropub & Smokehouse

8112 N M 123
Paradise, Michigan
(906) 492-3529

How about a smoked corned beef Reuben with homemade pumpernickel, old world-style kraut and house Russian dressing with Baby Swiss? Offering pub and dessert menus including the Red Flannel Saloon bar.

Paradise Pizza Factory

8165 N M 123
Paradise, Michigan
(906) 492-3663

Pizza, cal-zones, and bread sticks. Delivery straight to your door. Open late night.


Silver Creek Grill & Pub

151 N M 123
Eckerman, Michigan
(906) 492-3337

American style cuisine featuring fresh Lake Superior Whitefish. Premium gasoline on site. A bar is also available.


Tahquamenon Falls Brewery & Pub

M 123 Upper Falls Drive
Paradise, Michigan
(906) 492-3300

Micro brewed beer, Lake Superior whitefish and other seafood, and American style cuisine.  Within walking distance of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.